Famous Amos

Famous Amos

By: Krystal Luster

Tell us about yourself and what makes you who you are.
I grew up in the projects of Cincinnati, OH; Winton Terrace known as “BrickCity”. I have a 9 year old son AJ, I love to drive my “hoopties” and over all I love music. If I didn’t love it I don’t think I could even do it!

Did you come up with the name “Famos Amos”?
The name was given to me by a woman known as Ms. Regina. She said I was sweet like a Famous Amos cookie and before long other people started calling me by that name too. Everyone saw the genuine love for others inside me and consider me to be a sweet, caring and giving individual at an early age.

How did you get into this industry?
Well I’ve been striving to get in the industry for a while. There have been ample opportunities to do certain things but the main one to get my foot in the door was Judy Jones. She took me from the bottom as if I were her child and started molding me. Judy showed me more in one year than anyone I’ve ever worked with or for!

When did you first “fall in love” with music?
Sad to say money drove me since that’s how I was introduced to the game. However, my parents played a bigger role. My mama had the hottest records from the past and my dad; Hezekiah McNeal is a Blues/Jazz Singer and former member of a successful A Cappella Gospel group. I love music. Period.

Name the most important lesson you’ve learned about the industry.
In the past I always put myself last and that withheld me. Eventually, I learned not to work off of emotions and to never give up because you can easily become discouraged.

What makes your music so different and how can it be distinguished from other types of music?
My music is clever. I have an unlimited vocabulary which allows the content of my music to never sound the same. A lot of my music‘s background comes from life’s events. Whether it’s women I’ve encountered along the way or true stories I’ve been a part of that were witnessed by snakes/haters.

Who do you affiliate with? How important are these relationships to your career?
J. Jones Ent., Nee Dee Productions, SharkFace Publishing, Hound Out Productions, FameJuice LLC, Makin Noiz Promotions, Street Fame Magazine, Twenty 4 Seven Magazine, Brightwood Ent., Da SPot HeadQuaters and Digi Boy Productions to name a few. Big ups to Judy Jones for the times the wheel has stopped. She’ll say “Amos, we need to make some MF’n money.” And in response I’ll say, “I’m down for whatever!” My affiliation with these companies and individuals has helped tremendously in some shape, form or fashion.

Give us a brief description about the importance of hustling. What is the hustle in your life?
My hustle is photography, graphic design, videography and promoting other artists and companies on the rise. A man that doesn’t work doesn’t eat and this “money tummy” didn’t come from a dollar menu! Hustling is however you pay bills and how you take care of yourself. You have to hustle in order to eat and sleep.

How would you describe the entertainment scene in Cincy? Who/what should the people be looking for?
The Cincy scene has a lot of talent but we’re overlooked a lot because everyone isn’t doing their part. I love my city but we need to work harder if we want others to respect and recognize us. Nonetheless, be on the lookout for myself, Mulee of Body Rock Entertainment, Ella Boyz, Lady Storm, Dirt Bag, First Lady, BrickCity Entertainment and their single “It’s Onda Flo”. Sinonem, Bad Azz Battles hosted by B. Luck, battle rappers Black Rain, Dub Santora, Skip Jones, Young Butta and Freak Nasty to name a few. Once we pull together there will be no competition! No offense! Just my opinion.

Do you have a favorite memory from being on the road?
Traveling with the Team is always memorable and we have plenty fun together. I enjoy being on the road because I get to see the beaches in Panama City, FL., Ocean City, Maryland, Gulf Coast, South Beach and Miami. My favorite memory is the Dirty South Entertainment video shoot in Atlanta, Georgia. To me, that was epic! Shout out to Big Nod, Ole E, Zay, Sid Johnson, Toney Mosely, Twelve and most definitely Judy Jones and Trea Davenport!

Is there anything you would like to share that most people aren’t aware of?
I’m a chubby, chocolate, sexy man with dimples. Oh my bad, you said something you don’t know. Umm, I love the Nature channel and the History channel. That’s the only reason I have cable.

Any new projects or plans for the future?
I’m down to collaborate with anyone who really wants to take this somewhere. For now my third CD “Controversy 3” is coming out soon along with my EP/Album “Off The Hook”. Boy oh boy be ready!

Are you accomplishing the goals you’ve set thus far?
I accomplish goals every day; that’s just surviving and having family. Music going to be here forever and I’m just glad I got to experience this.

Define your success and how you want it to encourage others.
My success comes from loyalty and respect! I want people to realize sometimes things may not go how you want them to but it doesn’t mean you should give up! People will put you down and will forget the good you’ve done but don’t focus on the negative. This is a media based game, so it’s up to you to decide how you’ll be remembered!

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is my dad. He always told me, “Man keep trying” and when something was whack he said, “Go do that sh*t over”. My brothers and friends aren’t yes men either, so whether they love a project of mine or not they tell me. That’s the best inspiration anyone could have and you can’t ask for better!
What is your contact information?
I can be reached by phone: 513-213-1648, email: famejuiceinc@gmail.com, online: www.facebook.com/famejuice, or www.twitter.com/famejuice513. Contact me for CD duplication! “FO DA LOW LOW”!


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